Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Design Process


I cannot think of one thing I have completed in my life without a process.  When I learned how to cook, graduate from school, enroll in college, start a new job or career, get married, have children…all a process; a continuous action; a series of changes taking place in a certain order or manner. 


When I first learned the interior design process, I was in the middle of making a serious decision in my walk with God.  Our church was under great scrutiny and so many of my parents in the faith were moving away.  I realized quickly, I was in the season of getting to know God for myself and allowing Him to guide me regardless what others were doing. 


As I walked through a newly framed house one day, I noticed the wooden beams and steel posts in the basement.  Those beams and posts support the levels above.  Just like God supporting me, loving me and holding me together…my security.  And at that moment, God told me, “This process and my process are no different.”  And with that nudging, I began to study how God designs.


There is a reason why God made me a design consultant.  It was more than just helping others enjoy their home; God wants me to help others enjoy their lives.   How we live says a lot about us.  And painting a wall or buying new furniture is not going save our marriages or control our tempers. Jesus is the only way I know to clean the inside of the cup, so that the outside maintains its beauty. 


So, God gave me this process…it is a design process, but not only for your home…it’s for your soul. 


Every Tuesday we will learn steps in the process!


Here we go…




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