Mood Boards

Mood Boards

Mood Boards are used by designers to gather inspiration for their projects.  It is a way to put the layout of the design in front of them before the project starts.

If you watch design shows, you have seen these foam boards, now computer generated; showing photos, sketches, magazine clippings, layouts, fabric swatches and color palettes.  This is done for designers to see their design concept and communicate it to clients for approval.  Based on approval, the project gets implemented…in essence, it’s a plan.  But a mood board can also be a solution, especially if the project is a remodel. Who doesn’t love the “no home to dream home” and “drab to fab” design shows with the big reveal?!

As I design my life, I use mood boards.  A mood board can be like a vision board, but not equal to.  A vision board encourages you to put your dreams in front of you, where you can see it everyday as it will “activate the universal law of attraction to manifest your dreams into reality.”  (New age definition).  Since God created the universe and everything in it, this piece of physics is true.  However, mood boards are more powerful; they activate your faith.  

As I find photos for my dream home, it is the substance of my hope.  The process of thinking about my home as a retreat where I will write my books, make delicious meals and gather with my family, inspires prayer.  The Bible is clear about whatever I ask for in prayer, to believe I have received it and it will be mine.   The scripture goes on to say, as I am praying, if I hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so my father in heaven may forgive me of my sins.  (Mark 11: 24-25)

So, not only is a mood board used to put our dreams in front of us, but a mood board can help us get to the source of why our dreams are not a reality.  Perhaps we are asking and we truly don’t believe, or maybe we have selfish motives, an unforgiving heart or pride.  Creating a visual for our feelings, can help us work through a situation when words aren’t enough.  By seeing the big picture, we are able to identify our sin and remodel our lives. 

So whether I am designing a mood board about my dream home or designing a mood board to deal with waiting on God, it is a visual way to pray.  My big reveal? Resting in the great reward: A deep relationship with God with blessings all around!


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